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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
HOLS OF 2009

hey its finally here... my 2009 HOLS!! my long awaited hols ..wow ...

It started off great with a class chalet ,many of my great friends where there. Darren,Kay, Sherwin,Amanda,Clare,Ming xuan,Xin yi ,Greg and last but not least Edward. too bad Edwin and the others couldnt make it ... well we had fun playing the Ps2 ,MJ and joking around.(Oh yea , we also taught Ming Xuan to cycle,cool huh ? :D) Though i must say the place was small which made it difficult to find place to sleep.. everyone was so tired on the last night that they all squeezed into 1 room .. hahahah.. well i didnt really sleep :P .
in fact , Greg ,Edward ,Darren and myself went for a morning cycling ride :D it was refreshing and great :) well i really had a great time with you guys , hope we can do this again sometime soon :)

well after the chalet,i had to go for an operation .. well it so happens my 4 wisdom tooth was in the way of my tooth structure such that my braces couldnt work its magic.. so i had to removie .. 2 on the 6th of march and 2 more on the 20th of march..

well the process was pretty SCARY!!.. first on the 6th , they would cut my gums( because the teeth is still in the gums and havent grown out yet.. ) and then drill my teeth off .. if the teeth couldnt be extracted , they would cut the teeth in half . well it was scary to hear the drill in my ear.. my body was weak and scared.. i was sweating like crazy .. (lucky they covered my eyes with a cloth like thing ... ) the only thing i could do was pray to god and ask him to protect me . (Of course all this is done under local anaesthesia) after the removal was completed , they stiched up my gums and let it heal, they would remove the stiches 1 week after the operation. Amazingly , all this was done under 15 mins .. though i had to stay there for 2 more hours to rest and stop the bleeding .

SIGHS.. anyway i hope the stiches wont burst or break ..or else there would be trouble.. i hope this operation would be fruitful :/ well waiting to remove those darn stiches on this coming friday.. .

finally .. dear i missed you too hahahah :) rest well after your camp yea ?! :P

well i best be off .. got to take some painkillers :( take care my friends and dear readers, god bless!!!

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Saturday, February 14, 2009
Happy v day

Happy v day ppl :)

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey everyone happy CNY... ..but i am feeling down lately..

sighs.. i have been insercure and sad lately...

you see... i really L*VE my special someone but lately...but i feel upsat.. i just dont feel that she likes me as much or as close as i do for her.. sometimes i feel that she doesnt think of me as much as i think of her.. she seems to be getting more angry with me lately then she usually does she even told me that shes getting tired of me somethings.. i really feel sad inside sometimes when i hear such things.. we have been arguing more often lately over the small stuff.. the thing is .. i really feel for her ..but yea... its like she doesnt appreciate me anymore...i pray to god everyday ..asking him to give me the strength to hold on to her heart...

she dont seem to trust me as much lately....she doesnt seem to forgive me and she's really skeptic about me .. sighs.. i know i am not the best for her..but please if she is reading this .. i just want you to promise that you will stay... i know i've been selfish and foolish.. but look through that and i hope she will see someone better...

she's the strength i have .. she made a bigger impact in my life then any other .. today her words felt like a knife ..when she got angry with me just because i was trying to help her solve her problem...i am really trying my best..

i just wish to go back to days where we dont argue or fight . (My love .. i know we have something special .. please dont throw it away) ..i hope you will just be happy with being able to be together with me....sighs.. god bless all ..sorry if you had to read this emo post :/

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
END OF 2008!

HELLO!! hey guys ..its the end of 2008 .. i miss saint pats and MI (PAE session).. miss my friends ..damn .. 1 year gone so fast...finally 18 wow....

well MERRY BELATED X 'MAS! hahaha ..here is one x' mas pic that i took ..(due to being so bored :/).

me in a christmas hat ..

sighs.. i didnt do much this x'mas so no pics...

hmm so much has happened in 2008.. i went through a spectrum of emotions and learnt a lot from it.

i met great friends and a special person :)
i miss playing basket ball this whole year.. didnt have the time .. miss the whole bayshore crew!

well , poly is different .. i have learn to treasure my friends and everyone that i know ;)
In poly there are so many new people ,some are nice , some not so.. but i enjoy the experience of a 1hr plus ride to school(yeah right!).. not used to it yet..consistantly late for school :*(
well at least i manage to meet up with my god bro , we went on a cruise...
eugene, myself and my dad ! :D
messages to people!
To :Bao guang, hang in there, change is constant ! study hard man and cheer up , people in poly wont eat you!
To : Eugene Ho, stop stalking girls man!!! there are many girls in poly relax!! hahaha
To: Old friends, we all must meet up soon ,some way or another .. dont forget me!!!
well guys thx for the taggs!! :D do tag more .. it motivates me to blog ..even when i am busy :Phahaha
Achievements this year
-got into a good poly
-Ran for IVP
-learnt vauleable life lessons ;)
-3.1 GPA?
Goals for 2009
-GPA 3.8
-Break PB for track
-Make parents proud
-Record a song with jeff!
-Become a better person !
well 2009 will be a busy year.. with the economy falling and all.. i hope that no matter what happens, we all will remain as friends, forever!!!!. This goes out to everyone who i know :) well HNY!! lets look forward for a better future and remember that there are reasons for things to happen! dont let it bring you down!:) see you all soon!! (if i have the time to blog....) take care!! :D

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Hey its been a long time since i blogged... been too busy with school and stuff...

hmmm the halloween party we had ,organized by David , was great :)

i met a great new nice friend ..her name is Ethel .. = D

hahah ..well David had us (myself and jeff ) perform.. i wouldnt say we sucked ..but i wouldnt say we did good either .. it was so-so :P

oh well here is the pic.. oh yea .. i wasnt dressed in a costume.

we stayed till 4 am hahah ... but i totally forgot about the OSIM help out on the next day....so i didnt go. . .felt so bad XD

moving on....

hmmm its week 5 of poly ..and its really busy with tutorials and projects piling up .. oh well ...

been confused about stuff lately... stuff i dont ever wish to share..... emotions are a stir... sleepless nights.. and the horrible emptyness feeling that can't be filled.... sighs.. oh well at least i can keep myself occupied by doing my work ... well god bless all .. till next time ~

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

hmm this holiday has been an interesting and time consuming experience :D

1. i learned how to skate... sort of :P

2. i wrote and completed a song..

3. i did lots of training :D

hmm didnt have time for basket ball or what so ever.

oh i went on a class outing too..but the pics are not with me ...YET... will post it up when recieved :D

trackers rock!! i got into 1.5 KM for the IVP coming up ...scared??? hmm a little .. :P

hmm oh yea my younger bro has a blog too :D go check the links :D
today is my dads birthday too ..he is finally 51 :D yay him lol..

well got to prepare for tomorrow's training...tired man .. well i gtg take care loyal readers and dear friends ..i miss you all !! god bless!!

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Friday, September 12, 2008

YES i finally found the time to blog :D

today i went out with my bestie .. had a mud pie at coffee bean and bought my gguitar strings :)

everyone sure seems busy working and stuff..but no one wants to work with me:( so i rather just relax lol :D

been busy with ..: track training
thinking of girls =x (kidding)
basket ball
and stuff

i miss all my friends...guys do tell me or ask me out when you are free@@!!!!!!!!!!!

well i gtg take care guys and er.. god bless! :D

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Monday, August 25, 2008

hey guys ...finally i am over and done with my exams..though most have heard , i kinda of screwed up my exams...how? well i didnt complete at least 30 marks of questions ..lack of time..sighs...

oh well at least i should enjoy the hols and have a well deserved rest...

my plans for the hols? play basket ball ..train for track...hmm go out with friends...or girlfriends =x lol .kidding... .hmmm try to find a job...i need the money!!

speaking of money ... have you seen the new iphone?!?! i want it man ..but its so damn expensive...argh.... oh well ..i shall be contented and wait for the price to drop =x ..

oh yea these are pics of my twin bro's birthday , which was on the 7 of august :)

dinis , twin bro and me :D my hair is damn long ..argh..

the group :D from left to right , me , twin bro , dinis and jolene ! :D

scandal !!! lol ..no its just jolene and twin bro .. .lol ..
finally THE BROS.. lol ..well thx for reading my blog ..though its rusty and dead.. .wahahah GOD BLESS AND ENJOY THE HOLS!!

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Saturday, July 12, 2008
busy life


because of stephie asking me to post.. i shall..been having a lot of problems lately ..only steph knows about it...lol ...anyway...busy ......with ITB , tutorials, and CATS ..LOL ... so how are you guys ?

i got emo pics of my ..but too lazy to upload it to my com now .. :P ..welll been going gym and track lately..my bodyaches a lot now ...ouch ..lol ..

sorry David and company for being able to join you guys at sentosa today :/ .. sighs.. hope you guys had a great time .. :P

well take care and god bless..i will try to blog soon ~

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Been so busy with BA envoys that i havent had anytime for track nor basket ball:( ...

well ..no new pics yet..actually there is ..but i cant seem to fine the time to post it ..lol


its just too boring in school..... tests here and there..project work...sighs..i am still blogging when

i got a BSTA paper tml !!!oh shit.. that reminds me .. i didnt even study yet..aiya. .sure wont do well..:( ... .

well thx for the post guys :) lol ...i cant wait for the PED (poly experience day !! ) event :P it will be so cool :D ..well off to BSTA...

and oh yea .. before i go.. here are my results .. i didnt study for it ..so cant blame me for doing so badly =x


i bet all those of you who did well studied your ass off~!!!!!~ lol ..well done to you guys then :D ..sighs.. time to start the old noodle ...:(

take care all and god bless...more post to come .... bestie , i miss you too!!! lol...~

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Saturday, June 21, 2008
bestie :)

OKOK .. i post too much this week..but this post is Dedicated to my bestie stephie ....want to know why ??

becaused she asked me too :D lol ..dont be jealous others ..whoever wants me to post about them can request :D LOL

steph is irritating yet grows on others... LOL ..she has a smile that kills the flowers...KIDDING!! .. OK I AM OFF NOW :P how i wont be too busy once school starts..god bless all !! bestie maggie , stephie, eugene , alvin , david , etc .. the list goes on :) TAKE CARE!

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Friday, June 20, 2008
wow finally a post


LOL ..the title speaks for it's self......anyway..i just pulled out my teeth yesteday...so yea... ouch .. hurts a bit now.. :(. ..

anyway i promised some pics of the BA envoys camp right? ? here is the link for it :D


..lol :D

i miss sec school man..stuck with the pass..:( Eugene Ho ...i got no one to bother now bro!! lol...

well here are a few of my favourite pics from the camp xp






last but not least...the best group ... ever!!! G-UNIT! LOL..:)

ANYWAY GUYS I NEED HELP WITH MY BLOG. . I WANT TO CHANGE SKIN ..BUT I DONT KNOW HOW ...AND THE PIC AT THE ENTRANCE OF MY FREAKING BLOG IS OLD!! ... I WANT TO UPDATE IT ..I DONT KNOW HOW .... i suck at the source codes ....can someone please help me??!?!?!?!?!??! tag if you can help :D ...well i must be off take care all!! :)

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


This post was a bit "backwards" ...it should be after posted before WELCOME BACK JOSHUA.... lol.. but yea ...here are pics taken by si hui , my good friend , in bcomm class!


pics are in the links provided here


pic2 :http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_XI3Z65BInD4/SElbWy0AgyI/AAAAAAAABHo/RGtdyfj-zOw/s1600-h/Picture+0070.jpg



those were from bcomm on 6 jun...

now for those on bcomm on 22 may


that was me sleeping lol!!



pic 4:http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_XI3Z65BInD4/SDYucw3jujI/AAAAAAAABEk/klo_YwZg-hU/s1600-h/Picture+0059-1.jpg

LOL yup that was when i was bored during bcomm



acting cute...lol ..

and ...


me retardedly smiling..lol well thats all take care people :)

I've broken both my legs falling for you!



lol...finally found sometime to blog :D .... NP is like super far man ..everyday i would sleep during the first 1 or 2 hrs of class .. .LOL ....made a bunch of new friends ...friends that are great :)

i got into the BA ENVOYS , BA jamming and NP track and field :)

so busy with CCA's projects and craps .. lol i screwed up common test...not expecting to do too well there....

hmmm in fact i just got back from BA ENVOYS camp ... super tired.. lol it was super fun...other that the fact that we found disposable underwear ...and used it as props for a skit .. LOL.. ..

the camp pics are in my laptop .. so i cant really post it up now :) but will do so as soon as possible :D

miss my best friends! damn .. .i miss sec school .. miss being bothered by teachers and classmates..lol .. well i stopped emoing .. .but started being obsessed with ALESANA and BLESSTHEFALL ..some screamo bands .. which super rocks man!! lol .. all friends who read this post must tagg yea? lol..

just so all my friends know .. i wanted to type out a list of all the new friends i made in NP. ..but i am afraid that list is too long to type out .. without accidentally skipping someones name ..lol ..so yea i want to say : " thx for the friendships!! " lol .. accountancy is a super boring course...ITB SUCKS! lol but yea.. .well i gtg ..take care and god bless.. .will be updating links ..and posting when free.. sorry for not blogging for so long .. off i go ..:) !!!

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I thought this year would stuff off right...with new friends ...a great gf...good school and stuff....

but ..on 27 march .. one day before our 2nd month...2 days before her bday ...she dumped me ..just because she thinks it wont work..i still love you cindy.. .. i wasnt sad that you was an absentee gf...but sad ..because ..you never think of me ..or miss me..or whatsoever..and it feels likes its one sided though we are together..

now that i seen your blog recently with the pics of collin and yourself..i feel even more upset..cos ..you never posted pics of us at all....i just wish you treated me dearer...the gift i got you ...was what i saved up for so hard..you never thought about how i would feel .....

and worse i cant move on..its too difficult for me to move on so fast..like how you moved on so fast..whiched makes me even more sad... inside ..you have no idea.....

NP is a great school ..great friends ..great people..but ..cindy is always in my mind..i cant seem to mix around the way i did in MI ..i didnt even ask people for phone numbers..(other than my group ) ....

cindy ...my lifes a wreck without you ...
i miss walking to school in the morning with you ...

i miss watching sunsets with you ...
i miss just seeing your smile or recieving your hugs ...

my heart calls out for one name ..and that name is cindy...
i cant eat properly...lost 2 kg.... cant do anything right...

you wont even treat me like a friend now ...i feel so empty inside.....

i cry myself to sleep every night..otherwise i cant sleep....

i started slight drinking habits...the only way to ease the pain is to drink before i drown...

i tear everytime i think of you ..and me ..and how we used to be....

cindy ..wont you come back with me ?? sighs...god bless you ..whereever you are...

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


HMM its was awesome ..being with my love (cindy aka cinch) was the best thing :) we met early at about 6 30 and exchanged gifts ...i gave her a tissue rose...and some heart shaped straws...she bought me a belt which actually fit :D lol...well that wasnt all...during recess..i got a sunflower i ordered...and went up to her..on my knees ...:P ...well.. i hope she loves it ...:)

i also did something for her..... check this pic out :


HOPE SHE APPRECIATES IT :) anyway..i will blog a bit more next time ..i got to go :) well loyal readers ..take care and god bless....oh how i miss cindy :P


I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Thursday, February 14, 2008
MI !


HI all loyal readers...sorry i havent updated my blog..been too busy :P ...

let me fill you in on what happened since my last post...

i am in MI now for the PAE....i got a miserable 13 for my l1r4 (no CCA) ...i dont have r5 because of my chinese....

hmm... i plan on going to ngee ann poly:accountancy...

okok..now for the personal stuff XD

i met a great girl....and great and unforgetable friends ,

the great girl ( presently known as my gf :D ) is CINDY!!

i met great friends as well... like jerome , fiona , julia tan , julia tay , edwin , syam,farhana,YC , XZ,zara , carmen ,eng hui , su ,Jolene and many more and still to come XD...if i forgotten to write your name , i apologise ....XD

so yea....anyway..the next post will come..its called valentines day :D more pics and stuff to come ...:D

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
grad night


YO ! finally o levels is over !! i can finally relax....well there is this thing called grad night ...but its just plain gay ..because ..i am in an all boys school .. lol :P but the night was wasted with good friends..and dumb games lols ...

george , dev , me ,eugnee , ansel and chun kee :P ..i look horride lol ..:P

anyway .. i realised i am more busy during the holidays as compared to school days....got work....outings.(NO GF YETS SIGHS .lol..).. and basket ball :P ...so . this leaves me with less time to blog..sighs...sorry dear spacemonkeys lol :P

well i better be off got work to do... take care people .. and till next time :P

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Thursday, October 04, 2007
nearing o's //


the big o's ..wow ....two weeks man...to the begining o levels....hmmmm stressed ? ..well i am too relaxed..which indirectly makes me stress lol ...see i still have time to blog...tsk tsk..anyway....to all the ppl out there .. all the best for the o levels and a levels ...
and here is a pic of my and my guitar :P (i dont believe i have time to play guitar still! ) lol ...

here is one .more pic we were playing scrabble in class just today lol :P

( my first word for scrabble):p
well anyway ..good luck for the o levels :)bb and take care people!

I've broken both my legs falling for you!

Saturday, September 15, 2007
award to come...


HMMM prelims just ended (what a relief )*phew* well ...gotten back my maths and science result ...aint that good ..but aint that bad...top for maths ..and physics..second for chem (in class) sighs....oh well..i think i got an A1 for my combine science...:P getting more results back on monday .....

BUT good news :D i got an award for meeting and excceeding my expected targets in four subjects :P lol...oh well....:P

well..i didnt really study this term..
was in genting and all..relaxing and having a blast :) well...i can do well ..., anyway take care ppl and god bless , see yea soon :)

I've broken both my legs falling for you!